Land a job

To achieve Cubicle Warrior status, the most difficult skill is landing a job. One that you want. One that fits how you work. The challenge is that job search skills are the least used skills in our toolbox. Why? Unlike working with Word or Excel — something we do every day — we search for a job once every two to five years. Or more.

How to go about finding a job changes over time. What you thought you knew about finding a job five years ago is only partially relevant today.

Yet, this career transition of finding a new job is the career strategy that has the most risk. The advice for landing a job — from resume building to phone interviews to face-to-face interviews to business networking — is all over the map. You can be 100% right in how you go about finding work according to one pundit and 100% wrong according to another. Just think about how much advice there is to building a resume that is simply not the same.

So you need to find someone — a job coach — with a point of view that not only fits with how you learn, but also gets results. My clients land interviews because of how I teach setting up your resume and the business results that go into them.

Phone interviews have a different purpose than face-to-face interviews and you need to approach them differently in order to get to a final interview.

This site has over a hundred articles on working a job search. And I can provide coaching on resume writing to interviews to help you land the right job for you.