Job success

When good things happen with your job, good things happen with you and your career. Once you land a job, you need to quickly get up to speed, determine how you best fit into your new team, perform on the job, and show how you performed in your work through your results. Doing all of that is not easy and can get lost in the daily grind of tasks and problem-solving.

On this site, I don’t focus much on solving interpersonal problems between co-workers or their managers. Honestly, every situation and personality is different. Trying to provide good coaching in those situations is just tough to do and do well. Instead, in those situations, I ask that you evaluate where you are and whether you can outlast ’em or if it is time to leave.

But I DO help with the initial job startup. I wrote a book on it called I’ve Landed My Dream Job — Now What???. The first 3o-days in the new job are critical to starting you off on the right foot — and finding out if the job is really right for you. It’s a two-way street, you know, both that you are the right person for the manager and that the job is right for you. People forget it is a two-way street. Cubicle Warriors understand the job has to be right for both parties.

Then there are status reports, goals — SMART or otherwise — and performance reviews to write. Even with great job performance, people leave all sorts of money on the table because they don’t followthrough right on their goals and don’t know how to really write performance reviews. Most don’t appreciate that their self-reviews is THE single biggest influence on their performance rating and raise.

Outside of my book, I have DIY products for building Killer SMART Goals for the Cubicle Warrior and How to write your performance review. The missed raise or lower bonus isn’t something you should be leaving on the table for your employer. If you earned it, you need to show that so you get the review you deserve.

Let me help.