Employment Security

Let’s be clear: There is no job security. Period. Even in a great company, all it takes is one manager to burn your career. The key, then, is to build employment security. Employment security is a hierarchy of skills and work needed to gain that necessary independence from companies. Sure, you may not make it in a particular company, but you’ve been smart enough to build employment security — you are very marketable to many companies who want to use your job skills to build business results.

In other words, there is no desperation in the job hunt. There is concern, of course — we’re human. But there is a vast different between walking into an interview desperate to get a job — any job, any situation — and being able to have the confidence and financial stuff in place to be able to walk away for a better situation. That’s employment security.

Not easy to get. A worthy goal, though. Following the advice on the web site will help give you the tools to gain employment security. It is the ultimate attainment for a Cubicle Warrior.