DIY Transition Support

The first tract for career transition support is do-it-yourself, or DIY. This is, by far, the most popular track for people to take. Most of us kinda sorta know what we should be doing when we make a career transitions. But, in doing all the Internet searches, discover that either the world has changed a lot since our last transition (see: job searches!), or the information is incredibly confusing and contradictory.

That’s where I come in. I have distilled the best information from both the Internet and from my (long) experience in the workplace as both a manager and individual contributor. Then, I take that information and provide actionable steps for you to take — along with the reasoning behind it — in a product to help you navigate that transition.

Right now, I have two products to help with your success on the job.

Killer SMART Goals for the Cubicle Warrior

We all have some business goals we are supposed to achieve, right? Every year. Most of us work with managers on the goals, but many of us also set ourselves up for failure by not realizing the traps we’re putting in place during the process.

This product helps you understand how to set up your goals for success, how to measure them, and, importantly, how to manage them over the course of the year.

And much more here.

How to write your performance review

Writing a performance review is one of the most dreaded tasks for anyone working in a cubicle. And that includes managers.

This product includes the SMART Goal product and then goes on to you how to incorporate goals — and your results — into the performance review.

It explains why the self-review is so important. How to write about your “soft skills” like teamwork in the review. And what to put into the comment section.

Very complete. Learn more here.

More coming, of course. The DIY track can really help you in your career transitions by giving you context and actionable steps to use now to help in your job success.