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Your competition won’t invest in their career

Cubicle Warriors Will

Here’s the idea: products that help your job performance. Our goal is to solve a basic problem for knowledge workers: companies won’t teach you how to manage your career.

The job here at Cube Rules is to give you the right tips and strategies to help you perform well in your job and career.

Increase your Performance Review Rating — and Income

Yup, we all need to know  How to write your performance review

The most important job of your career is the one you have right now. Yet, when it comes to the basics, we fail. I know this because the most read articles on Cube Rules are the ones on SMART Goals and Performance Reviews. We don’t know the traps SMART goals can bring, how to communicate our performance to management and punt the biggest opportunity we have to influence our performance rating. Plus, with more and more work given to us by our managers and projects, we don’t have the task management systems in place to handle it well.

Killer SMART Goals for the Cubicle Warrior

You can’t get the performance review you deserve unless you set up your SMART Goals with your manager first. Most people simply take the goals their manager gives them, shove them in the desk drawer and hope for the best.

Not Cubicle Warriors. They know how to work with their manager to construct goals that measures their performance, know the traps in performance in most SMART Goals, when to use Wildly Important Goals, and how to communicate their goal performance all year long.

You can too with Killer SMART Goals for the Cubicle Warrior.

How To Survive a Job Layoff

Companies will tell you they don’t like layoffs — but they sure use them. The trouble is all the layoff actions favor the employer – and the now ex-employee takes all the risks.

Even those shell-shocked people that stay after a layoff suffer the results. They now get to do all the work from the people laid off by management. The thought of longer hours, more work and no prospects contribute to a survivor’s syndrome.

Worst of all, we don’t know much about layoffs except they happen. We don’t know what to do to prepare for them, how the layoff process works, what it takes to get the benefits out of your severance package — and what to do if you end up staying.

I decided to do something about all that. Both for the people laid off and the people who stay. We’ve built our lives from our hard work. Now we need How to Survive a Job Layoff so when a layoff comes, we’re ready.

These products are designed to help you succeed in your job and career. Become the Cubicle Warrior.