I accept guest posts here on Cube Rules. I even LIKE them, as they offer constructive viewpoints to help Cubicle Warriors. I have rules. Not many, not complicated, but rules nonetheless. You need to follow them or I won’t post your article after you go through all the work of creating it and sending it to me. Here they are:

The article must be original

I don’t want the same article all over the Internet — and Google gets confused about where the real article location. Since it is my site, I want the article ranked here. Hey, if you can’t create an article out of what you do best, there is a problem…

The article MUST have a viewpoint of the person working in the cubicle

This is not a management site. It’s not a site about your cool HR tool that helps managers select candidates or how management can (gag) engage employees. No, this site is about the person working in the cubicle who wants to do well despite all the corporate stuff that inhibits engaging our hero working in the cubicle. Your article needs to help that person, not promote your latest and greatest product or service.

I can change the title for SEO purposes

The key words in an article are at the beginning of the title. That’s SEO gold. If your key words don’t start at the beginning in your title, or your key words are different from what I think they are, I’ll change the title.

The article is around 600 words

Most of my articles are around 600 words. No matter how hard I try to change that, they still end up at 600 words. I figure you can’t make three good points plus a summary in less than 600 words, so there you go.

The article should contain five links

SEO rules are weird — and specific. You should have a link for every 120 words of content. It’s not as easy as you might think. What takes me the longest amount of time writing an article is finding good links to include in the article. I do it. You need to as well.

Short Bios required

I include your bio, with proper links, at the bottom of your article. If your bio is longer than the article and has a hundred links, you won’t get published. So a short bio, with a couple of links — not included in the count for the links in your article — is right. I reserve the right to edit your bio if I think it is too much.

I appreciate your work

A little known fact: a guest post has the highest traffic of all posts on Cube Rules. If you write a good one, you end up at the top of the Google rankings for your key words and get the benefit of that ranking for a very long time.

Thanks for your interest!