4 must do actions to take before applying for a job

By Scot Herrick | Job Search

Aug 15
If it has been a while since you’ve been in a job search, it’s tempting to apply to a perfect job posting right away. Tempting, but there is work to do.
Before you blast out your resume, take some time to review the basics. Not too long — job postings get removed as fast as they go up. But not doing these actions will likely mean your resume gets thrown in the electronic trash can.

1. Update your resume

If it has been more than six months since you’ve updated your resume, it’s time to take a hard look at it.
Over time, it’s easy to miss some significant accomplishments. Also easy to leave in some items that are no longer needed.
There are easy ways to add accomplishments to your resume. Make sure you get yours in.

2. Change your resume to better match the job description

Once you’ve updated your resume, it’s important to compare your resume and the job description. This is because the more your job skills match up to the job description, the more likely you are to land a job interview.
I have a resume format that will help you easily modify your resume to the job description. Just click on my 3-part resume course.
And, remember, you need to have the job skills to match. No lying on resumes!

3. Update your LinkedIn profile

Most of the time, your prospective recruiter/hiring manager will look at your resume. Then they will look at your LinkedIn profile.
Unlike some other social media platforms, LinkedIn is pretty public. What those recruiters/hiring managers will do is see if there is anything on your LinkedIn profile that differes from your resume.
Are there more good things? Like groups you belong to? Or mutual connections?
Now, your LinkedIn profile doesn’t have to completely match your resume. In fact, LinkedIn gives you a little more leeway to tell your story.
But if they are significantly different, you risk having your resume thrown away. Recruiters like consistency. Inconsistency increases risk.

4. See if there are people in your business network you can reach out to from that company

Or, if the position is inside your company, reach out to people you know in the department.
The reasons for reaching out to people in that company or department are:
  • You will find out a lot more about the work you would do
  • You’ll find out about the company politics in the department
  • You’ll find out why there is an opening in the department
  • You’ll find out the management style of the manager.
  • Your connection could turn out to be a valued promoter of having you work in the department. Or, depending on your performance, the end of any possibility you will work there.
Yeah, risks and rewards. But, better to find out what you can.
As mentioned, don’t take long to do all these things before applying for the job.
Doing these actions, though, will improve your ability to get selected for an interview.
That’s what Cubicle Warriors do.