The ONE thing to get right in your resume

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Of all of the pieces of the resume puzzle, getting to the essential is, well, essential.

The pundits don’t help. Their advice is long on “should’s” and light on “must’s.”

Plus, the advice is often contradictory from one pundit to the next. Or even the same pundit will offer conflicting advice.

So what’s a potential Cubicle Warrior supposed to do?

Well, I’d suggest you understand the beliefs about resumes from the pundit. That will give you context around the advice and help you understand the reasoning behind the advice.

Then I’d listen to what the advice is for the most important part of the resume. What part is that?

The first page of the resume.

Nothing else is as important as the first page.

Take a listen to the 4-part series on how to build a killer resume concentrating on what must go on the first page. You’ll get my approach to resumes. A format for the first page of the resume — and what to put into the first page to make it awesome. Sign up below.

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