4 Online Business Degrees to Expand Your Career Horizons

By Scot Herrick | Job Skills

Jun 02

If you want to expand your career horizons in the private business sector, the best way to do so is to enroll in a formal degree program. While you do have the option to earn a general business degree, which covers introductory content in several different areas of business, earning a specialized degree will take you further if you know where you plan on traveling as you venture down your career path.

One of the great things about modern day programs is that you can study from your own home on your own time by taking an online program. If you are ready to switch careers or advance within the field you work in, here are four online business degrees to consider.

Graduate Degrees in Operations Management

If you would like to be in charge of production or supply chain management, earning an online degree majoring in operations management will prepare you to oversee all assets of production. While the curriculum varies from school to school, most programs include courses that will prepare you for demand forecasting, inventory control, logistics, supply chain management, production planning, pricing, project management and more. Once you graduate, you will be ready to work in business operations or supply chain management as an upper-level professional.

Master’s Degrees in Law as it Pertains to Business

There are a lot of dimensions to business, and knowing the legal dimensions can be extremely important when you want to run your own business or work as a manager or executive in private or public settings. By studying for an online master’s degree in law, you will learn about various aspects of law and how the law impacts your work while you are still in your current profession. Some of the legal workplace issues that will be covered include contracts, information privacy, litigation, liability, labor law, business records security, and regulatory law. No matter what industry you plan on working in, the skills that you can develop will help you identify potential situations and resolve them.

Master’s Degrees in Healthcare Management

Hospitals, long-term care facilities and doctor’s offices are all businesses, and there is a need for a highly trained administrator to handle the facilities behind the front office. If you want to benefit from rising demand in healthcare, you can study for a business degree that integrates healthcare topics and core areas of business. As you study online, you will cover health information technology, human resources, healthcare finance, and more. When you graduate, you will be ready to lead and manage healthcare facilities or specialize in a specific business area.

Master’s Degrees in Finance

If you would like to work as a finance manager or a financial analyst, a master’s degree in finance will teach you about financial instruments, derivatives, trends, markets and statistical analysis. Some of the coursework that you can complete through distance education tools includes statistical modeling, financial research, banking, securities, portfolio management, and securities law. Once you earn your master’s, you will meet the educational requirements through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to test for your securities license. Since the demand for finance analysts is projected to grow by 16 percent, this is a good choice for opportunity.

Earning a degree will undoubtedly increase your salary, but the type of degree that you earn is important. You should research more than just general business degrees as you are making your decision. Consider these online degrees, find out what you want to do when you graduate, and then you can make an educated decision.

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