7 steps to finding a DBA position using LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a social network used by professionals to network, hold meaningful industry related discussions and find jobs.

Data base administrators have a lot of demand as they can work in a wide array of places such as IT and software firms, service industry, government offices and NGOs, among other places.

If you have been working as a data base administrator and want to move from the company you are working for, follow the steps below to improve your prospects of landing the right job:

  1. Complete your profile

The first thing you need to do is join LinkedIn. You’ll be required to provide your name, email address and password.

After joining linked, you will need to create a profile. Your profile needs to be appealing and comprehensive enough to make head hunters want to contact you.

Your profile summary and areas of expertise should promote your abilities. You have to account for the fact that head hunters might skim through your profile. For this reason, be as relevant as possible when writing the summary area, which is what they will see first.

Be sure to supply all your work experience as a DBA starting with the most recent.

You can also indicate that you are interested in finding new career opportunities.

  1. Utilize the jobs section

One of the tabs you’ll see is the jobs section. You can peruse through the jobs posted there and apply if anything strikes you as ideal.

There is a search function in the jobs tab that allows you to search for the job you want. For instance, if you want to work remotely, you can search for hourly remote DBA services.

  1. Connect & improve your presence

Send messages to people you would like to connect with. Be strategic with your choice of connections. Prospective employers and head hunters, for instance, are good to connect with.

Attract more attention to your profile by joining groups. Initiate group discussions about database administration and the benefits of having a DBA in a team. Sooner or later, your articles will get noticed and someone will contact you.

  1. Get recommendations

LinkedIn has a feature that allows people with whom you have had a previous working relationship with to comment about your work ethic and to corroborate your work history. As such, it is a very reliable tool for head hunters because it serves as an online reference.

  1. Upgrade to a premium package

 ‘Inmail’ is a service that you get when you upgrade your LinkedIn membership to premium. Inmail allows you to contact the recruiter informing him or her that you have applied for a job that they have advertised for. This is a unique chance so make it count by selling yourself further.

  1. Ask questions

There is a Q&A section that allows you to ask questions. You can post an inquiry about any data base administrator jobs available.

  1. Update your profile constantly

Constantly update any skills, education and voluntary activities that you are taking part in.

Employers want to see that they will be hiring a team player and a person invested in constant improvement.

By doing the above 7 steps, your search for a DBA job will be a success.

  • Alexander Fernandise says:

    Thanks you so much Scot for discussing and sharing such a useful information. I have read your article completely, this article gives some steps that will help for searching a DBA job and also linkedIn is a social network used for professions. I get encouraged when I get chance to read such type of article which are specially useful and fascinating. Article has many useful points which I like to share with my friends and discuss it with them. Good to read!!

  • Andrew Thompson says:

    Nice article! This article is beneficial for those who are searching for a job in database field. You can search it anywhere but it will be helpful to search on linkedin. Linkedin is a social networking site for professionals. This article explains the seven important steps to follow on linkedin to find the right job. You can also take help of remote dba support, where the experts will guide you. This article is well written. Thank you Scot for posting this article. Well done.

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