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Grab some coffee and take a look at what I’ve been saving up for you this week:

Declaring Evernote bankruptcy

You know how you get overwhelmed by a thousand emails in your email box? Then you simply decide to delete all of them, read or not, to get back to zero? That’s email bankruptcy.

But Evernote is getting to be similar for a lot of people. Hundreds, if not thousands, of notes in all sorts of categories. And no idea why they are there. So Bob Stanke, who had way to many notes and notebooks, just deleted them all, declaring Evernote bankruptcy.

As an interesting aside, as I do my reading during the week, I send the articles you see here for easy access when I write this post over to…Evernote.

It’s not just about “how to,” but also about living a vision

I write a lot of “how to” articles on Cube Rules. But this article got me thinking I should do a few more “vision” ones. The case is made by “How to Illuminate a Vision Your Organization Will Believe In” over at Talent Culture. Of course, this was a perfect post — a “how to” article that presents a “vision.”

I need to do that sometime…

Your office cube is getting smaller. If you even get a cube.

The assertion that open offices help improve communications might (might) be true. What is true is that too much of an open office can drive you nuts. In “How to Make the Best of Shrinking Office Space,” Suzanne Lucas notes how companies should do a little accommodation — to privacy.

Speaking of Suzanne Lucas, don’t mess with the Evil HR Lady

Yes, she bashes some HR departments — but for good reason, based on performance. But there are some good reasons to have an HR department — including taking care of people like Jim. Everyone knows their own Jim. And this is what we’d like to say to him.

We want that first phone interview — but maybe the phone interview is going away

I think it will be a while before the phone interview is gone. But “Is the Phone Screen Going The Way of The Dinosaur?” makes the case.

I’m seriously looking at using OmniFocus this new way

Honestly, I’m out there searching the currents trying to find the way that best works for me and gets me to use a time management system. Changing approaches, changing contexts, changing programs (Outlook, OmniFocus, Things, Evernote…), and changing contexts again. This way of using OmniFocus looks interesting…and possibly dangerous. “Meetings, awesomeness, and potential bodily harm” shows the magic from Relative Sanity.

Reference checks: Neutral is the new Negative and Negative is now Gold

I get it. But, seriously, you really need to prep your job references, people. Neutral references are now considered a negative reference? And digging out a negative about the candidate is now considered gold

It’s another snowy day here in Wisconsin and winter’s getting pretty old. But Bockfest beckons at the Capital Brewery and Kate and I will be bundled up and having a brew. Or two. Enjoy your weekend, Cubicle Warriors!

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