Cube Rules Links February 21, 2015

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Feb 21

Here’s what I’ve been saving up for you for the weekend. Go get a cup of coffee and check them out:

Road warriors all have their favorite travel apps

Christine Kane takes a look at her five favorite travel apps that you’ll actually use.

How to show employees love

Last weekend was Valentine’s Day and Kate and I really enjoyed the weekend. The Evil HR Lady, though, was throwing around a different kind of love — the kind that employees would love in 10 ways to show you love your employees.

The dreaded resume machines – and how to beat them

Well, you can’t, but you can up your probability of getting past them by Besting the Digital System. Bonus: this article also gives some good advice on doing a video interview via Skype.

Learn from every interview

Anita Bruzzese nails it: even if you don’t get the job, learn from every interview.

The job search silver bullet

Well, maybe it’s not the silver bullet – but it comes close. Jason Alba promotes the informational interview as the seldom-used-most-results way of getting that job offer.

Enjoy your weekend, Cubicle Warriors!


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