Cube Rules Links, Friday, February 6, 2015

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Here’s what I’ve saved up from the career Internet for you this week:

Glassdoor blog takes a look at how to pick your job references

It’s an important subject: 5 tips to choose your best job references

LinkedIn is the 800-pound elephant in the room — or is it?

MarketWatch takes a hard look at LinkedIn and discovers 10 things LinkedIn won’t tell you.

I’m actually experimenting this year with Cube Rules in that I am sharing these posts over on LinkedIn to see if it improves traffic or comments on the articles. Verdict? Too soon to tell.

Working at Radio Shack? Maybe getting laid off?

Career Solvers offers tips for soon-to-be laid off Radio Shack employees. And they are pretty good tips for maintaining your readiness to change jobs if you aren’t: Job Search Tips for Employees of Radio Schack or Others Facing a Layoff

How tips about food can be used to improve productivity

Tips on what to do to help eliminate eating too much of a bad thing can be used in the fight to improve our effectiveness (at work, but this would apply to at home as well). It’s The cookie method of productivity by Productivityist.

On that note, I’ll get baking. Enjoy your weekend, Cubicle Warriors!

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