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Here’s some great articles I’ve been saving up for your weekend reading. Saving them up for quite some time…

Glassdoor is an 800-pound gorilla in the career space. Is that a good thing?

Maybe not. In “How is Glassdoor a Thing?“, Laurie Ruettimann argues that giving a vendor what you should be doing in HR means you’ve raised “the white flag of surrender.” You may not agree with her — but you always have to read what she says.

Of course, Glassdoor can make a case…

The HR Capitalist takes the other side and makes a case with “Glassdoor Matters Because ALL of Your Employees Are Now Used to Rating Things.”

How the universally hated cubicle came to be (and other office history)

Yes, there is a history — one where the cubicle was supposed to help the worker with defined spaces and room to work. Then managers figured out they could cram more people into the same space and there you go. On Vox.

The trouble with contexts in time management systems

If you followed my series on time management systems, you’ll know I talk a lot about contexts — how you organize your tasks. All calls together or all emails together in one grouping, for example. Well, the Productivityist takes a look at the Context Conundrum and comes up with some good frameworks for setting contexts that work.

Does your management want to reduce entry-level turnover? Write a check.

HR Capitalist finds that Aetna kept having entry-level turnover, so they bumped the minimum wage in the company to $16 an hour. It’s not as expensive as it might look.

Sometimes you need to turn off the experts and just go find a job

Jason Alba over at JibberJobber (a great service, by the way) tells us that at some point, all that expert job hunting advice (including mine!!) just needs to go away. Figure out what is giving you some success and then concentrate on that and forget most of the rest. “Job Security and Career Management: Will this Ever End?”

Enjoy your weekend, Cubicle Warriors!

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