Cube Rules Links – September 19, 2014

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Sep 19

Here’s what I’ve saved for you from the Internet machine:

17 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Despite the long list of health benefits, sleep is one of those things that people skimp on, whether by necessity (work, traffic, kids, busy schedules) or because they figure they can simply “power through it”. The supposed ability to lower our sleep requirements through sheer will is pervasive. “Tough it out” is a popular slogan, as are “Sleep is for the weak” or “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Then there’s Virgil’s “Death’s brother, Sleep” (or, alternately, Nas’ “Sleep is the cousin of death” – thanks, Worker Bee). What we end up with, then, is a nation of overworked, overly fatigued men, women, students, and even children shambling through days dotted with Starbucks Ventis and ridiculous energy drinks.

Okay, back to careers — here are the top five interview questions to practice:

Not every job interview will be the same or follow a set format, although there are some frequent questions that pop up time and time again. Here are our top five most asked interview questions and some tips to help you answer them appropriately.

How CEO’s prioritize (I’m sure here are hundreds reading Cube Rules — with the emphasis on CUBE…)
  1. Is this on my dashboard of 5/6 key drivers of the business?
  2. Do I add value to this task?
  3. Am I the one who should be dealing with it?
  4. Is now the right time to deal with it?
  5. Have I all the information I need to deal with it?

If the answer is “No” to any one of those questions then it never gets on their priority list.

Yeah, I’m never going to be on the priority list of a CEO, but the “value” in number 2 is worth a look.

Enjoy your weekend, Cubicle Warriors!