Cube Rules Links – August 8, 2014

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Aug 08

Here’s what I’ve plucked out of the Internet (not all this week, since it has been a while….) for your Friday and weekend enjoyment.

4 Annoying Habits of CEO’s

Anita Bruzzese has the four and tells it like it is:

I think the reason I care what a CEO sounds like it because there are hundreds — if not thousands — of employees who are depending on him or her to tell their story. If the CEO can’t generate enthusiasm for what the company does, how can an employee be expected to do the same?

6 Ways to Manage a Micromanager

These are some good tips. I just hate having to manage a micromanager — it’s taxing and the micromanager won’t change.

“Fundamentally, people who are micromanaging want to achieve results or a quality outcome,” says Jason Hanold, chief executive and managing partner of Hanold Associates.  “Those who are micromanagers want to be involved, show competence (how smart they are), and protect their own jobs/prove their value.”

13 Actionable Goals for Every Step of Your Job Search

Searching for jobs is tough — and having goals about your activities is a good strategy. Come Recommended has 13 good ones.

When it comes to having a successful job search, it’s important to create actionable goals. This means your goals need to be realistic and can be accomplished within a reasonable time frame. Most importantly, the goals you create for your job search must keep you moving forward rather than backwards.

High Performing Employees Who Stay In Companies Longer Than Two Years Get Paid 50% Less Over Their Careers….

There are other reasons to stay at a company, even for a long time. But, if you are truly underpaid, moving to a new company can really help the income and benefits — if you have Cubicle Warrior job skills and performance.

Any turnover prediction worth it’s salt would say that the biggest flight risk comes with high performers in the 1-3 year mark.  The newness has worn off, and you gave them a 4% raise.

Goodbye.  Nice to know ya.

A 4% raise? Not the current standard…more like 2%.

Enjoy your weekend, Cubicle Warriors.