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Here’s what I’ve plucked out of the Internet (not all this week, since it has been a while….) for your Friday and weekend enjoyment.

5 predictions on the future of the resume

This is really predictions about LinkedIn, so you should read it as such. Quote:

As happens in the circle of forward thinkers and futurists, predicting the next trend is inevitable. In the careers environment, many experts feel that LinkedIn is surpassing the resume in value, and in some cases, replacing it altogether.

This likely will never happen. For one thing, the groundwork to create a career story “foundation” is always going to require much digging, unearthing and investigating before the first line is actually etched onto the page or the screen. Where people get distracted is that they think it’s about the form of the career story (or, actually, what you “call it”; i.e., resume, LinkedIn profile, Career Story, Career Portfolio) versus the actual function.

Fear Choice vs. Love Choice

I’m really trying to do more of the love choices — worth the story on the click through. Quote:

I splutter out four words I rarely utter: “Can you repeat that?”

Because every decision on the horizon just got twenty times simpler. Like boom.

Job interviews are getting weirder

Like these questions are actually related to success on the job. I doubt it. But it makes good reading. Quote:

The post-interview stories are becoming increasingly bizarre, she says. “People can be asked to sing a jingle,” she says. Her advice to job seekers in 2014: “Have one ready that’s relevant to your industry. It shows that you’ve done your homework and react well under pressure.”

Please, don’t sing me a song relating to your job skills. I might die. And creating a jingle relating to your industry is considered career advice? Really?

Enjoy your weekend, Cubicle Warriors.

  • Really great post, I especially enjoyed the information on the future of the resume. LinkedIn is certainly going to be one of the top things employers use in the future and may even overtake the CV!

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