Cube Rules Links — February 21, 2014

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Here’s what I’ve been saving for you from the Internet this week…

  • Companies squeeze 401(k) plans… From Facebook, to JPMorgan, to Whole Foods…and, of course, AOL. Good examples in this article.
  • The crushingly expensive mistake that is killing your retirement This one is all about the fees you pay for those 401(k) mutual funds and the impact the fees have on compound interest. That translates to a $100k + out of your retirement fund.
  • Keep investing simple. A great 10-point framework to simplify your investing and take out all the mumbo jumbo.
  • The dirty secret behind Applicant Tracking Systems: Qualified candidates need not apply. Have you seen my statements on resume building where I say you need to do X in order to get past the resume reading machines? ATS is a resume reading machine. And they will kill your application if you are not careful. Or even if you are careful, depending on how they are set up.
  • The high cost of turnover Companies have been on the winning side of not losing labor unless it was on their terms. With the job market getting better (not fabulous…), turnover is starting to happen. This article is a reminder of that cost. And, oh-by-the-way, the article still advocates for getting rid of the jerks…
  • Why employees quit their job. I’ll give you one chance to guess the top reason. Ready? Yeah, bad management.
  • The Four Secrets to Employee Engagement Despite all of the stuff written about employee engagement, count me skeptical. Companies talk the talk, but rarely walk the walk. Maybe they don’t know how. This article gives the four critical principles to follow to really engage employees. I’d agree with this one.
  • Building the Trust Based Organization One of the missing pieces, to me, of employee engagement is the trust factor for the company. I’ve always believed that a company, without a lot of provocation, will lay employees off in a New York minute. Tough to be engaged in those circumstances. But, this article shows ALL of the things that need doing to start building the trust in an organization. May it be so.

Lots of snow here this week…but the first temperatures above freezing since I don’t know when. Spring is coming…

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