Cube Rules Links – February 7, 2014

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Here is what I have saved for you from the Internet:

  • The 40-year slump. It’s a long read — but well worth it for understanding how income inequality started…back in 1974. “The steady stream of Watergate revelations, President Richard Nixon’s twists and turns to fend off disclosures, the impeachment hearings, and finally an unprecedented resignation—all these riveted the nation’s attention in 1974. Hardly anyone paid attention to a story that seemed no more than a statistical oddity: That year, for the first time since the end of World War II, Americans’ wages declined.”
  • The Fear Choice. The Love Choice. Which will you choose?
  • 16 things I know are true — but haven’t quite learned yet. Yeah, me either: “There’s a difference between knowing something and living as if it were true. At the end of 2013, these truths are all lingering on that awkward threshold, for me anyway.”

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