Cube Rules – 12 rules I believe about working for a company

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Nov 25

There are some under currents in my writing about working for corporations. Attitudes that lurk in the background before taking on the transformation needed to become a Cubicle Warrior. But I haven’t explicitly stated them. I have more. But these twelve are a good start to help you see the assumptions — the Cube Rules, if you will — of the advice I give here on the site.

Here they are:

  1. Despite your best performance, the company’s management has control on whether you stay working or get laid off. Or fired.
  2. Company loyalty to employees does not exist; to believe it does will harm your life
  3. Personal loyalty in a corporation exists — but corporate policies will trump personal loyalty
  4. A company expects your job skills to contribute to their business goals — not to improve or support your career
  5. Performance ratings and rankings are more about budget conformance than career feedback
  6. In order to be promoted, one must already be doing the work required in the promotion
  7. The biggest influence on your career right now — good or bad —  is your manager
  8. A good manager will at least do no harm; a bad manager can destroy outstanding performance
  9. Employees must continually add and support job skill development or be left behind in the market
  10. Employees must continually add and support their own business network to build career and job leads
  11. There is no job security. Period.
  12. There is only Employment Security.
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