When the rules change, check your workflow

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Apr 05

Here’s the situation: you’ve been running your day as you have for the last x-amount of time. Then all of a sudden, the rules change. In my consulting case, the policy towards email retention changed. It requires one to rethink how to process email because the structure of files the company now provides is different than it was before. The retention rules changed as well, because companies don’t want lots of email floating around in discovery mode to help prove a prosecutor’s case.

So if you don’t adjust how you process your email, you will drive yourself crazy trying to do your email workflow the same way you’ve always done it when the email structure is no longer anything like what it was before the change.

It requires a thoughtful rework of your workflow. Do you rethink your workflow when the rules change?

  • I must admit that I didn’t before. I’d just carry on doing the same thing that I was familiar with, even if it took me longer because I was comfortable with the routine. That was until I started working at my previous company. My friend became my boss and she didn’t like any time being wasted. I was forced to learn new ways to do things to take up less time, to be more flexible, and more productive. It was hard at first, but now that I work from home as a writer and blogger, I am so grateful for that. I’m now able to prioritise properly, plan, and not panic when things – and they do often – don’t go my way.

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