Graduated – and living at home with Mom and Dad

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The number of infographics out on the web is a bit numbing — at least for me. I watch a lot of different sites and infographic mania is easy to see on those sites. Consequently, I don’t do many of them.

But this one, on what is facing our college graduates, hit home for me. The sacrifice students make to get a degree in terms of their debt, their parent’s willingness to sacrifice to help their children have shelter while looking for work or paying off student loans is impressive, and the “world out there” is a daunting fight to find a job that matches up with their education.

Surely, these great students will become Cubicle Warriors.


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  • Michael Dvorscak says:

    Definitely been like this for a while! If my 4 year old were nearing college, I am not sure I would advise her to go and get a four year degree and certainly not one in political science (like her father). Instead, I think I would advise her to get skills.

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