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You’ve done all that good work in your job or consulting gig. And I’ve been very consistent in saying that you need to show that work in all that you do when looking (or not looking) for a job. That work becomes your personal reputation, but if you don’t tout your work, no one will do it for you.

Great. So where do you market your work?

1. Internal to your company

Your biggest networking source right now are the people you work with. Coworkers, managers, people in other departments — they are the ones that will help validate the work reputation you have through your interactions with them. You don’t need to boast — just talk about the work you are doing and some of the current accomplishments you’ve achieved.

2. Your resume

If your work accomplishments don’t make it to the resume — even when you are not looking for a job, you should be updating your resume — you won’t be able to get that phone interview needed when you start looking for a job. Or you’re forced to look for a job because of a layoff.

3. LinkedIn

You show your accomplishments on your profile page — similar to a resume, but with a different slant in that you have more room to tell a more personal story. But you can also effectively market yourself via groups on LinkedIn. I don’t belong to many groups, but the ones I do belong to — almost all local groups since that is where I’d be looking for jobs — allow me to see and be seen within my community.

4. Job Boards

The key to marketing on job boards is picking the right job board (or boards). What you want to do is pick a job board that specializes in your area of work. Healthcare to healthcare boards, technology to technology boards, etc. One size does not fit all when it comes to job boards. You want to focus on specialized job boards for your specialized work where recruiters specialize in finding people in your specialized area.

5. Your web site

If you are fortunate enough to have your own web site (or blog), you can have full flexibility to show what you want to show to the world. After all, what goes on the Internet stays on the Internet. So pick what you put out there wisely. Certainly your site can have your resume, but it is also a place where you can put other slices of your life out there. Your passion for biking. How you collect antiques and restore them. Running marathons — everyone has something they do that is a worthy subject that can show a personal side of your life without giving the store away.

The key to marketing is consistency — something that I need to improve on as well. Put your work and your accomplishments out there in these five places and you’ll find it easier to find your next gig when the time comes.

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