Monthly Archives: December 2011

Dec 19

3 career lessons from 2011

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Pundits will have their best and worst of 2011 articles out there. The best and worst needs noting, of course, but, to me, neither of them are actionable. Instead, I like to look at the experiences we’ve had over the year and then determine what lessons we can learn from those experiences to make ourselves […]

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Dec 07

Office cubicles have a bad rep

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

My experience in the workforce has been short, let’s face it, I’ve only been out of college a few years and really can’t give advice from decades of experience.  I have, however, been working for quite some time, starting with my first job in high school working as a cashier in my hometown’s CVS to […]

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