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Infographics are the rage — here is one relating to the modern American worker. It doesn’t take long to understand the frustration of the American worker about not getting ahead…


American Workers
Via: Business Insurance Hub

  • Every time I go into a self-service cashier lane, I know it is taking work from someone on the line. So I will wait longer to check out simply because a person is doing the work. 

    In a self-service world, a cashier line is one that I’m in.

  • Scot,

    I found it interesting that cashiers was number two. I know here in California (probably other states too) that self-serve check out lanes from several years ago are actually being phased out in some stores. Given that some cashiers can make pretty good money, I was a little surprised to see some stores pulling the plug on the self-serve option. At the end of the day, they too probably realize many shoppers (myself included) are just looking for good old-fashioned customer service wherever we shop.


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