The dirty little secret about job search advice

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Looking for advice on how to land your next job? Want to know how to break out of long-term unemployment? Do a little searching with your favorite search engine and you’ll get hundreds of thousands of articles on the ten best ways to get your next job. Or how to answer the weakness interview question.

Now, much of the advice, in my humble opinion, is crap. I try to write doable steps that you can take to find jobs or succeed in your job. It doesn’t always work, but I can tell you that the advice is better than most of what I read — because most of the time it works.

Here’s the deal

People read advice about how to get the next gig, follow it to the letter — then don’t get the  job. Then they do the same thing for the next opportunity — then don’t get the job.

Pretty crappy, isn’t it? Follow that great advice from the mystical pundit and consistently fail. Makes one feel great!

Searching for the “sure-fire” way to land a job leads to failure

People read advice on how to find the next job, follow it to the letter, then fail to land the job. They are rightfully disappointed. For all the wrong reasons.

People want the “sure-fire way” to get a job. They want the silver bullet that will break through every wall, every prejudice, every constraint to get the job. Pundits know this and write headlines that lure you into finding out the next sure-fire way to land a job.

But there is no silver bullet. There is no sure-fire way. There is no one best way to go land a job. There is no one way to break through a wall or climb over every constraint.

Here’s the dirty little secret about job advice

The dirty little secret about job search advice is this: All the advice in the world only raises the odds of you getting a job. Raises the odds.

If you do the things found in great job search advice, you will have a better chance of landing that job than someone who doesn’t follow the advice. Who doesn’t practice answering interview questions. Who doesn’t build stories about their work that shows them as the hero overcoming odds to succeed. Who doesn’t build a business network that helps you hear about job opportunities in your job market.

Following great job advice just increases your odds of landing a job compared to your competition for the job.

And, in this job market, that’s a monster advantage compared to most people competing for the work.

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