In the weeds so watch this

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Apr 21

Part of what I do outside of Cube Rules to stay connected to the advice I give here is to consult at different corporations on projects. Sometimes, those projects get into the weeds — and today, everyone on the project was in the weeds. Justifiably so.

To get out of the weeds, you need both control and perspective. Control comes from working a chunk to completion to get back to accomplishment. Perspective comes from elevating yourself above the work to see connections, breaks, and refreshment from looking down at the work. If one project manages, the project manager is responsible for providing the perspective and I need to work that.

But, sometimes, there is a different way of providing perspective. Hat tip to Remarkablogger for this. A perfect video for giving yourself some perspective.

Enjoy your weekend. And, if you happen to own a Mac — watch it full screen. Teh Awesome!


About the Author

Scot Herrick is the author of “I’ve Landed My Dream Job–Now What???” and owner of Cube Rules, LLC. Scot has a long history of management and individual contribution in multiple Fortune 100 corporations.