Job searches require this attitude

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If employed or not, unless you legitimately have this attitude toward your job search — you have great qualifications, deserve work that feeds your career and won’t settle — you’ll never get the employment security you deserve.

You’ll need the qualifications, the job performance, networking skills, job search skills and financial muscle in the bank — but if you do, you can get to this as shown at The HR Capitalist:

As luck would have it, a reader I’ll call “Jake” saw my rejection letter and emailed me the following – a perfect auto-response from a candidate who is so sick of lame recruiters calling him without knowing the basics of what he does for a living and what he’s looking for, that he’s giving them the following rundown – which basically tells them they’ve already committed six sins of recruiting and he won’t be giving them the chance to commit the seventh.

Go read it. The response letter is priceless. And perfect.

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