How the Employment Security Hierarchy helps protect your income

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Jan 24

Job security doesn’t cut it anymore. The days of working at a company for a lifetime are long, long gone. Heck, even working for the same manager for a long time is long, long gone. It’s clear that corporate churn, corporate reorganizations, and downsizing (or, in the company viewpoint, rightsizing…) is here to stay. When companies decide to cut their costs to help their bottom line, the first option too many companies take is cutting your paycheck.

Employment security, though, suggests that though we may lose our specific job, we are still employable. We can get that next job despite the headwinds of the economy or five job applicants going after the same job we are targeting.

But defining employment security is one thing. Getting employment security is another. What are the categories that need addressing to even think about getting to employment security? What steps does one need to take to make progress to meet employment security? What needs reviewing in our careers so that we keep our employment security when we think we’re close to getting it?

The Cubicle Warrior Employment Security Hierarchy

The Cubicle Warrior Employment Security Hierarchy builds a framework to help you focus on achieving employment security. It is a 20-page white paper that explains the different tiers of the hierarchy, how the tiers inter-relate, and why you can reach the top of the hierarchy and come crashing back to the base level if you don’t consistently check the hierarchy against the standards of your work today.

This is not 3-steps to “Watch me self-actualize”

Pundits write a lot of articles on the “X number of points to fix something.” The problem with the working life is that what makes up success today doesn’t come close to defining  the job ten years from now. Or two years from now. Or even when you get a new manager. All of those articles might solve a tactical problem, but they don’t offer the big picture that will help drive projects to improve your career and work to protect your income.

We don’t know how to test our work against a career. We don’t know what categories to review or what career skills we need. We drift, waiting for the whim of management to define our work and give the illusion of job security.

The Cubicle Warrior Employment Security Hierarchy provides the framework

The employment security hierarchy provides an effective model to manage your career. It provides the five areas of a career where you need to focus to stay employed. It helps you define your next actions to get to employment security.

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