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After you graduate — even with all those internships you’ve done — there is a big difference in thinking you know what it takes to get your career going and what you actually know about what it takes to get your career going. Usually, the “knowing” happens after a lot of trial and error and perhaps learning unintended hard lessons from one job to the next.

JobSTART101: Smart Tips and Real-World Training addresses this transition. The Business Roundtable notes:

JobSTART101 is a first-of-its-kind course that’s free and available to college students and recent graduates nationwide. The course includes interactive components such as videos and course workbooks that cover topics ranging from how to communicate and solve problems to how to develop a professional persona that helps drive a career for long-term success. It is designed to be engaging and fast-paced, with the option for students to complete the entire course in approximately 90 minutes or tackle the six topical modules one at a time.

How do I know it’s good? That’s simple: Alexandra Levit is the online instructor for the course and she is a crack resource on business and workplace issues. Here’s her viewpoint on the course:

A student or young professional who spends 90 minutes with this course will be a more productive employee and experience greater satisfaction in his/her first job without having to undergo extensive – and expensive – coursework or training.

If you recently graduated — or graduation is coming up here in December or June — I’d check this out. Finding great work in this economy is tough and quickly succeeding on the job after getting one is no easy matter. JobSTART101 will help.

Photo by Jason Bache

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