What I learned from Roger Waters and The Wall

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Sep 27

Thursday night, Kate and I headed down to Chicago and the United Center to see Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame perform The Wall. It was, simply, an outstanding concert and worth the money and treasure it took to see the performance. In an always-on world, though, there were some great lessons learned from what we did with the situation.

1. Planning for a road trip gets you off the daily grind

Madison to Chicago is only a three hour drive, but there is a lot of logistics that go into driving through Chicago (see: road construction season…), getting to the United Center, finding a hotel and figuring out where to have some dinner before the show. All of that ended up being a big personal planning session that helped us get ready for the trip.

2. The concert has nothing to do with Cube Rules

Seriously, a great concert and if you can see it in a location near you, I’d highly recommend it. But the concert was the concert — it wasn’t about the daily grind of what either Kate or myself do every day and was a great break. Taking these kinds of breaks from the salt mines is a necessary thing to do or you become too stale at what you normally do during the day.

3. Take such opportunities and extend them

Since we took part of Thursday off and then all of Friday off to see the concert, we decided to take a trip from Chicago to Door County, WI, and turn all of this into a four-day weekend. It would have been very easy to simply come back after the concert, hang out at home for the rest of the day Friday and then have a nice weekend to do whatever we would do around the house.

Instead, we turned a one-time event into a longer time for us to be together in a different place and away from the same ol’ same ol’ things we do.

Break up your routine

Maybe it is a concert, maybe it is some other event. But get out of your routine every once in a while so that you don’t become the boring person at home and work. Getting out there for a little taste of life is a great activity to do. We just don’t do it enough…

How was your weekend?

Photo by exquisitur