3 easy ways to never get hired

By Scot Herrick | Job Search

Sep 23

Getting hired in this job market is a tough proposition. No doubt about it. And there is a fine line between not being able to find a job because of conditions in the job market and not landing a job because we (you) are not doing the right stuff to find a job. Finding a job isn’t just a list of twenty seven things to do, finding a job is about what you have done for your career and how you have learned to market yourself. Plus the twenty seven things you need to do to find a job.

Too many of us, though, are taking the easy way out to not getting hired. Sure, you might be posting on job boards, searching Craigslist and surfing the Internet to find a job. But all of that is usually for naught unless we’ve done the right things before searching for a job. But instead of doing the work ahead of time, we take these three easy ways out and never get hired:

1. Don’t have accomplishments on your resume

You really have to have business accomplishments from your work to get a job in this environment. If you don’t, your resume will get passed over hundreds of times. Hiring managers — people — are not interested in hiring people who cannot get results from their work. “Cloud” doesn’t cut it. Where the “rubber meets the cloud” is necessary to put on the resume.

2. Don’t continually improve your job skills

You want to know how corporations can legally discriminate based on age? Write the job description based on the latest skills needed to perform the work. If you don’t know the latest methodologies, social strategies, tools and techniques to do your work, your job skills won’t match the job description and your resume won’t get plucked out of the hundreds in the pile to get the interview.  If you are not keeping up with industry trends in your work and putting those tools and techniques to get business results, you won’t get hired.

3. Don’t market yourself to your business network

The best ability to find out about new opportunities is to consistently stay in touch with and market your abilities to your business network. Plus, the very best way to get an interview is to have someone in your business network go to the hiring manager and tell that person that he or she needs to interview you for the open position. You may not get the job — but you will get the interview, something that could never have possibly happened without that person being your advocate for the position.

Most career work is proactive

As humans, we react to circumstances. We save — after we are laid off. We improve our job skills — when we can’t find a job. We tell ourselves we need more friends and acquaintances — when we discover we have no social life.

Career work is really proactive — we learn skills while on the job. We proactively increase our business contacts to help others and to learn. We document our accomplishments so we are ready for a layoff day.

It’s work that the average cubicle dweller doesn’t do. That’s why it’s so easy to never get hired and wonder what happened. Cubicle Warriors do the work. They get employment security, not job security. Are you easily not hired?