Dream Job-What to find out at your first meeting with your manager

By Scot Herrick | Job Search

Jul 21

Dream jobs start off with meeting your manager. After the obligatory introductions, the first meeting with your new boss on your dream job is a little scary. You don’t know each other that well leading to some apprehension. You don’t feel like sounding dumb with the questions you ask and your new manager can feel overwhelmed by all the information to present.

How do your start your dream job off right?

Begin with your department

You were hired to do a specific job in the manager’s area, so the first area of focus needs to be understanding what your group does, what other departments it interacts with and how it is measured.

Start with the functions in the department; what is the work the entire group does, not just what you are supposed to do. Listen for all the interactions you will have with others on your team to get your work done. Listen for how the department is measured as it is your first clue as to how well the business can measure progress. Like your progress, for example.

Don’t worry too much about the people in your group just yet, although they will come up (“John takes care of all the reporting for us….”). Instead, focus on the functions performed in the department and how they fit together. Work on what the work flows are within your group. Not everyone will interact with everyone else, but you should clearly see why the organization was put together as it was.

The rest of the company organization

From your group, move on to how your department interacts with all the other areas on the organization chart. If you are in a Fortune 500 company, you could very well only interact within a single company division. Or, in a smaller company, you could interact with everyone in the company.

The key is to functionally understand what organizations provide work input to your group, what your team does with the input, and then where your work output is sent once completed.

You need to get the functional work flow right

A key to successfully building your skills in your dream job is to understand how the work flows. This work flow gives you a greater context about the work you do and how your work impacts others. Without understanding these relationships, you’ll always be ignoring some important input to your work, ticking your coworkers off for not getting what they need from you completed and have customers wonder why you were picked for this dream job in the first place.

Right off the bat, have your manager work with you on understanding the organizations you work with. And you know what? Not only will it help your understanding of your new work flow, it will also give you the first look at what your manager knows about your work and how the department provides value to the company.

Wouldn’t you want to know how your department adds value to the company? Yeah, me too.