Job searches need the service entrance, not the front door

By Scot Herrick | Business Networking

Jun 28

Job searches are a lot like the entrances to a building. There is the front door entrance, of course. The one that everyone visiting and working in the building use to get inside.

But the service entrance is the place where all the valuable goods enter the building. It is where the food is delivered to a restaurant, merchandise delivered to a store, and is used to get away from all the traffic at the front door.

The Internet is the front door to your job search

What do you need to do today to apply for a job? You need to use the Internet and apply online. Many businesses today don’t even offer filling out a real job application — only the forms you need once you are hired. The entire business model for job applications now involve job boards, whether that job board is one like Dice or one that has been built internally for the company.

The result is a blitzkrieg of resumes once a job is posted. Everyone is banging on the front door trying to get in.

So many people are banging on the front door that automated Applicant Tracking Systems were built to handle the volume. In this economy, the tracking systems had better be built for scale because the number of applications to jobs is still very high.

Use your business network to get into the service entrance

But that little used service entrance? The one with all the valuable goods and services? That is where your business network comes in. Instead of banging on the Internet front door, call your contacts to find out about openings. Connect with your business network to find out about the jobs coming available in their company. Utilize the power of your well-developed business network to slip in the service entrance by providing your skills and work history to the right people.

Your business network knows where the jobs are

The very best way to land a job is to find out about it from your business network and then get a referral from someone working at the company to the hiring manager. You use the service entrance to find out about the jobs and then your good work has the opportunity to shine directly with the hiring manager.

Sure, you need to continue to use the front door. But it is more important to build and maintain your business network to access the service entrance because that is where you will find the job opportunities for you.

Photo by ell brown