Sharing Sunday, June 6, 2010

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Jun 06

Well, I missed last week due to the holiday weekend here in the United States. Thus, more articles this week!

How to restore trust in management

Net: you can’t because you violated all the trust of your employees during the Great Recession. Get over it. Here’s what you should offer instead.

How to punish leadership negligence

Well, you could start by having the Board of Directors fire the CEO of BP for the incredibly tone deaf and evasive behavior associated with the oil spill. Talk about not-ready-for-crisis-management. But I digress. Here’s how to start with punishing leadership. It needs to be more.

Kill your to-do list

Truly an excellent article about prioritization and the need to focus on just your most important work. Management, are you listening? Naw, and that won’t change. So figure out how to manage your to-do lists to make it work for you.

The right way to fight

Want to reduce your stress levels with your manager and coworkers? Learn how to fight right (or, the right way to advocate for what you want).

Keep LinkedIn clean

Chris Brogan argues that people are using LinkedIn for everything from career stuff to anything in the world you put on Twitter – and it kills their professional reputation. I agree. The key to a social marketing strategy is the right information in the right place at the right time.

The opportunity in the silence

Christine Livingston continues her great work by looking hard at the panic she hears from clients when they say they need to get back to “reality” because of the difficulty in moving forward in their work. There is a lot of fear in the workplace today. Work it to something better for you.

Enjoy your Sunday.