I’ve Landed My Dream Job-Now What???

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Just a quick note. If you have been following updates here on the site, you know that I’ve been working on a book – I’ve Landed My Dream Job — Now What???

I’m really happy to report that the book is now available for sale on Amazon in both paperback or Kindle version. The link to the book’s page is here:


While the title talks about your Dream Job, the reality is about what to do to ensure your success in starting any new job, whether the job is in your current or new company. What I do is provide you a way to ensure your work is valuable to your new employer – and to ensure your new job is right for you.

The book provides you week by week objectives to complete and the type of work you need to do to complete them. The work focuses on your new manager, team, stakeholders and customers plus what you need to do even before you start your new job. The last chapter is “Decision Points” and helps you determine where you are at in your new job and where you think the new job fits with what you want to do for your work.

Here again is the link to the Amazon page for the book (in paperback or on your Kindle). Take a look.


I’m really excited about finally getting the book published. It really focuses on the person working in the corporate cubicle and what it takes to succeed in a new job.

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