Why just a paycheck doesn’t cut it anymore

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Apr 19

The world of work has changed in the last five years. Gone is any hope of job security. Gone are the incomes fueled by bubbles in the economy (unless you are a Wall Street banker…). Instead, we work harder, make less and do so with fewer benefits.

A workplace rebirth

Out of that destruction comes a rebirth in the workplace, both for management and for employees. One that requires a new way of thinking about your work, how the work fits into your life, and what values you will carry to guide your work. To that end, Cube Rules offers advice on how to land a job, how to succeed in your job and how to have a successful career. In my view, you need to change your perspective about your work and take different responsibilities for your career. You need to be a Cubicle Warrior, one that not only survives working in that corporate cubicle, but thrives while doing so.

This site has been called the “nuts and bolts” career site. That would be accurate: I want to give you actionable tasks to improve your corporate experience through the blog and my products that I offer for sale. This site also hits on the necessary strategies that will help guide you in the day to day work.

Strategy and tactics are one part of the rebirth

But while I write about what attitudes you need to have, the approaches to your work, I don’t write much about the emotional side of work. Not much about the joy necessary to successfully work or the self-determination or the creative freedom that a great job, a dream job, can give you.

The good news is that I don’t have to. Christine Livingston over at A Different Kind of Work does. She is focused on the New Work Pioneer, a person who emotionally approaches work in a completely different way than what we have seen through this “creative destruction” of the workplace we’ve seen over the past few years.

While my role here is to give you the tactics and the strategies on the job, hers addresses the types of emotions you need to have to get the right kind of corporate experience that fits your life.

Your emotional approach and your tactics towards your work need changing

Both the emotional mindset and the tactics you need on the job need to change to succeed in the new workplace after all of the economic destruction of the past five years. All indications are that jobs won’t improve much over the next several years; too much has changed. The problem is, we haven’t changed.

But, we can. And we need to. Let’s get started.

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  • christinelivingston says:

    Well said, Scot. There is a complete rebirth afoot in the workplace. Yes, there's large scale denial to it too, but smart people are facing up to realities and carving their own path. Might be tough in the first instance, but I think they'll find down the track that their ahead of a growing curve!

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