Sharing Sunday, April 18, 2010

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Apr 18

There are some great reads out there this week for your Sunday reading pleasure.

What I look for when interviewing people

The Work Coach Cafe writes “15 things I look for when I interview people.” You get a great sense of what is needed to succeed in the interview. And it’s not your job skills.

The new networking paradigm

Over at the Career Catalyst, Mark James takes a closer look at “The New Networking Paradigm.” I might quibble a bit in that the size of the community will influence this paradigm, but he is spot on with the approach.

Goals gone wild

Harvard Business says we’ve gone way too far with goals in business as they produce the wrong outcomes. Even though I sell Killer SMART Goals for the Cubicle Warrior, I agree that goals have gone too far. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t protect ourselves from Goals Gone Wild.

Try a little tenderness

When a business article quotes B.F. Skinner’s research that positive reinforcement works far better than fear and doom, you know management has jumped the shark on management by fear and intimidation. Despite the research, nothing much has changed.

Why New Work Pioneers Bother

Christine Livingston looks at why people are changing their approach to work and the reasons they are insistent doing so at A Different Kind of Work.

Hope you have a great weekend.