5 Steps to Take After the Interview to Seal the Deal

By Scot Herrick | Job Search

Apr 05

You might be surprised to learn that one of the most crucial parts of the career-start process occurs after your interview.  Certainly the hardest part of the job search process is getting the interview; if you receive this opportunity then there must be something special about you that has the employer wanting to know more.  But although you may be in the final stretch of the recruitment process and oh-so-close to starting your new career, there are five important steps to take to set yourself apart from the other interviewees and show the employer that you are the one for the job.

  1. Remember your interviewer’s first name and say thank you. As you finish the interview and stand up on your way out, say, “thank you, first name.”  This shows that you’ve been paying attention and care enough to remember whom you’ve been talking to for the past hour.  Also, everybody likes hearing his/her name.
  2. Give a firm handshake and maintain eye contact. Your final impression is just as important as your first impression.  This step ensures you leave on a positive note and portray yourself as a confident and professional individual.
  3. Get a business card. Don’t forget to ask for your interviewer’s business card in case you have any additional questions after you leave.  Not only does this provide you with vital contact information, but it also shows that you are interested in building a relationship and following up in the future.
  4. Send a thank-you note. You should always send a hand-written thank-you note by mail to your interviewer as soon as possible (within 24 hours of the interview).  This shows a thoughtfulness and attention to detail that will help set you apart from your competition.
  5. Follow up. This is the final and most crucial step to wrapping up the recruitment process.  If you haven’t heard back during the week after your interview, send a follow-up email inquiring about the selection process and reiterating your strong desire to work at the company.  Whether your file has gotten lost in the shuffle, the employer is waiting to see who wants it badly enough to ask, or someone else has received the job, you can come to a firm conclusion or move on if necessary.

The process of starting your career is becoming more difficult, especially with growing amounts of qualified candidates and less career-worthy jobs available.  That’s why you have to be as perfect as possible throughout the entire journey—from beginning to the very end—if you want to receive the coveted job offer.  Learn as much as you can and follow these steps to make the process as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

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