Sharing Sunday, February 28, 2010

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Feb 28

Each week, I offer some excellent reading that relates to jobs, careers and living our lives.

6 cold truths about building new business in 2010

Liz Strauss of Successful Blog offers us, in my opinion, one of the best articles on what it will take to get new business in 2010. For all of you that think this doesn’t matter to you in your work, preface each of the points with this: “To find a new job in 2010…” and take it from there. A smart, must read.

5 step method defining job satisfaction

This sounds simple:

At the core of Job Satisfaction is an understanding of what it is you enjoy most. To understand what it is you enjoy most, you have to define ALL you enjoy, from most to least; an exercise that will help lead to a decision regarding not only your major, but internships and future job development.

Good advice for determining the work you like best or what to major in college.

How a jobless era will transform America

Long, somewhat depressing, thoughtful — and spot on. Reality can bite.

We need more CEO’s like this one

An interview with Vineet Nayer. A CEO “obsessed with enabling employees to create value?” Now THAT’s a different perspective from the corner office.

Great reads to get your week starting off right.