In Haiti, the need for shelter is still huge

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Feb 22

Haiti has gone out of the news cycle, replaced by the USA chant of the Winter Olympics. While much has been given to the Haitian relief effort, the problem is now shelter for over a million homeless from the earthquake.

Add to this the soon-to-come rainy season, the need for shelter is imperative.

Delivering shelter that can make an impact is tough. How to put a package together? How to get it there? How to get it set up to help the most people?

There is a charity that gets this aspect of disaster relief. It’s not just the first 10-days, it is the (more than) ten months that it will take to get Haiti starting to get some traction again. This charity is called ShelterBox. As the name implies, they provide shelter in a box. But what is in the box is what is so incredible — a tent that sleeps ten, cooking utensils, drinking water kits to purify water and even some rudimentary tools, all in a single box.

At the top, of course, is what is all inside the box.

This 5-minute video gives you a taste for what it is like in Haiti and what ShelterBox’s involvement can do to help.

Now, a single ShelterBox costs $1,000. 7,000 of them are being delivered to Haiti; more will go with whatever donations offered. As much as 7,000 boxes sound, it covers only 70,000 people with a need over a million. You don’t need to donate $1,000, though. Every dollar helps putting shelter to another 10 people with each box delivered.

ShelterBox isn’t what most people think of when it comes to charities that help in disasters. But shelter is critical — and ShelterBox delivers. You can donate here. You can help.