Sharing Sunday, February 14, 2010

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Feb 14

This weeks cool posts from other sites:

“Undercover Boss” and The Missing Information Loop

You’d think everybody and their brother wrote something about this new reality show — which is why I didn’t write anything about it! Of the dozens I read, this was the best. From Jodi Glickman Brown of Great on the Job, “Under Cover Boss” and The Missing Information Loop.”

Can We Please Move On?

The lack of professionalism in business is becoming rampant — and you lose respect because of it. While written for more senior executives, it applies to Cubicle Warriors as well. After all, how many of you multi-task in meetings instead of paying attention to the meeting and don’t apologize for doing it? Yes, it’s a rant. A really good one by Susanne Biro in Bluepoint Leadership Development.

What we all lost when business lost respect

We all have our communities. While business leaders used to be authentic because they were part of the local community, they are now a valued member of the shareholder, not local, community. As Roger Martin notes in his example of Boeing:

Undoubtedly there is no one reason for anything like the fall of Boeing. But a big piece of the puzzle was certainly the replacement of a community of long-term shareholders with short-term, opaque shareholders and the replacement of a sense of the purpose of the company as being to produce great products and great jobs with producing shareholder value. As a result, Seattle jobs could be destroyed to create shareholder-value-friendly Chicago jobs. Rules could be bent — or outright broken — to increase earnings for a dominant community of faceless, nameless, transitory shareholders. And if senior executives didn’t produce share price growth for these shareholders, they would be held to ridicule in the financial press.

I think Boeing is getting better, but his point about the shareholder community and management is spot on — we no longer respect them.

10 Tips to Win Your Network Back

I make a big deal here about the importance of your business network. This article provides ten solid tips for asking for help from your network that are actionable. That makes all the difference. Rob Taub and Has Your Network ABANDONED You?

5 bad work-at-home habits

Most of us at one point or another work from home (like when blizzards happen. Yes, DC, I’m looking at you…). The problem is, working from home has its own list of pitfalls. Lexi Rodrigo fleshes them out in 5 bad work at home habits: Are you guilty? Umm…yes, I am.

Enjoy your Sunday.

  • Scot, thanks so much for highlighting the post about the undercover boss, i'm thrilled you thought it was one of the better posts out there on the topic! I will look forward to staying in touch and I absolutely love your Sharing Sunday, what a great round-up of must reads, it's like you've done my homework for me! I hope to contribute again to cube rules in the future. all the best, jodi

  • Scot Herrick says:

    You are welcome, Jodi. There were a serious number of posts out there on the premier of the undercover boss — and the vast majority totally missed the management point of getting the information feedback working. Yours was a very good insight.

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