Sharing Sunday, February 7, 2010

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Feb 07

Ah….Super Bowl weekend — but the reading is still good on Cube Rules! Here’s some of the best of the week:

The e-snub

It’s the e-mail snub that gets under the skin after the interviews, isn’t it? You go through hoops, get the face-to-face interview, turn in the right forms after the interview and then…nothing. Zilch. No responses to your e-mails. Or phone calls.

Well, there’s a way to fix that. And hilarity ensues. Check the E-Snub.

How to kill your limiting beliefs

In the self-development arena, the beliefs we have about how successful we can be can either expand our capacity to do well or limit it. No surprise that most of us have limiting beliefs. How to kill them comes from Unleash Reality.

The silent rise of the new work pioneer

Christine has discovered the name of the next movement: New Work Pioneer.

The tribe’s membership includes those who have ditched traditional workplaces to create their own lifestyles; those – including freelancers and artists – who saw early on that work as we currently know it wasn’t for them; and those who are taking a different kind of consciousness into employment with the aim of giving themselves a more liveable corporate experience.

Count me in.


I saw the preview to this — it was fabulous. Well, the full version is now out and, at 35-minutes long, well worth your time to take a look (and ignore the 3-4 20-second commercials…). This is the story of what happened to advertising people who were laid off by their companies. With how they turned lemons into lemonade.

The lesson: deal with your grief and then take the setback and turn it into something fabulous. Kristi Daede at Career Adventure gives you the perspective — but watch the film.


Enjoy your Sunday.

  • christinelivingston says:

    Morning, Scot, and thanks for the mention in the post. This is one to run with, huh?

    Meantime, whilst I've read the Unleash Reality article and thought it was awesome, I haven't seen the video and am going to make a point of watching it today.

    Hope the Super Bowl goes well. This weekend we have international rugby in the UK. Today it's my team (Scotland) versus France! So here's to lots of excitement and fun no matter what we're watching!

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