Here is exactly what you need from your business network

By Scot Herrick | Business Networking

Jan 21

When it comes to business networking, most people fail. They fail big-time. Why? They hear you need a business network, are supposed to grow a business network and then continue to maintain it — but they don’t.

That failure costs them dearly. They don’t even know they are failing.

Here’s why they don’t know they are failing at business networking: they miss out on the jobs because people who know them don’t think of them when it comes to hiring for the position. Since they never get a call, they never know the job was even available to them.

Here’s the example

In the last two days, Kate and I were asked if we knew of anyone who would be good at an open, available position. The interesting part about being asked if we knew of anyone good for the position is that the position is located 1700 miles from where we live. And, we’re not working with any of those people we know 1700 miles away.

Here’s the deal: we gave the recruiter three names. We sent out three e-mails to the people we knew asking if they would be interested in the position.

Now, two of them were not interested — and that’s perfectly OK. One person is very interested.

That person is getting a phone interview today.

But here’s the point: three people in our business network were presented with an open position, paying good money, in their hometown 1700 miles from us that they never would have known about unless we had thought of them for the position. Having people thinking of you for a qualified position is exactly what you need from your business network.

That’s how business networking works

If you are not being thought about by your business network when a position opens that fits your qualifications — searching for a job or not — you are failing with your business network. And you won’t even know it. Someone else will get the shot that you will never know about.

Cubicle Warriors build and maintain their business networks because they want opportunities presented to them. That’s one of the reasons Cubicle Warriors succeed in the workplace.

Is your business network thinking of you when a position you qualify for opens up?