5 Mistakes Guaranteed to Derail Your Job

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Dec 02

There are hundreds of ways to get into trouble on the job. There is the Facebook bashing the boss and Twittering your time away when you are supposed to be working. Those, I would hope, are more rare. But if you want guaranteed ways to move your performance review to the wrong end of the spectrum, these will do just fine…

Failure to deliver results to your manager

Your manager is your most important customer. If you are constantly delivering the wrong results to your manager, you’ll head out the door quickly. Managers hire people to deliver on the goals for the department and are judged by the ability of the manager to work with their team to deliver the results.

Your results need to be tangible, delivered on time and done with some aspect of them being better than expected.

Failure to communicate with your manager

You can deliver results, but if you can’t communicate with your manager, you won’t get the type of work you need to shine. Plus, the probability of delivering good results drops when the communication with the manager doesn’t go well.

Being on the same page as your manager is a cliche. But one that’s true.

Failure to fit into your team

Business is social. Working effectively with your team makes a big difference to the overall results from the team. Much of working effectively with the team comes from the good chemistry on the team.

Each person knows their role. Each person delivers their part of the work so the team can rely on them. Each person believes they can push back on the team in a give and take that makes the team better. Without this, the risk of becoming an ineffective social outcast on the team is real.

Failure in delivering results to your customers

Your customers are not just paying customers. They are also the people who receive the output of your work in the next department. Or your work as part of an ad hoc team working a special project.

Customers who don’t get their product done right by you escalate their issues with your manager. Your ability to work well with customers helps you do your job well.

Failure to know when the job will end

Every job has a time to end. It might not be in six months, but it certainly will in six years. Cubicle Warriors figure out about when the job will end and start looking for new ones way before their projected end time.

Without knowing when jobs end, people will be at the mercy of management as to what their next role in the company will be — if any.

Don’t let these mistakes derail your job

It takes skills and practice to stay on top of your game at work. Avoiding these mistakes will help you stay on the job longer and doing a better job while you are there. Plus, if these five mistakes are already part of your current job, you need to hunker down and take a hard look at your performance and decide if the job is still right for you.