Sharing Sunday, November 22, 2009

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Nov 22

This week’s installment of thought-provoking articles on business, careers and jobs…

A Challenge to GM from Bob Sutton’s Work Matters site. Bob’s one of my favorite writers and he shows us in this post how GM’s executive and employee car benefit hurts the company by preventing employees from experiencing the entire car ownership experience. A good example of how our systems can inflict bad customer service and we don’t even realize it is happening.

How to live more easily with the fear of layoff at A Different Kind of Work. Christine coaches about careers and jobs by focusing on your values, your goals and aspirations. It’s important work; different from the “nuts and bolts” blogging done here on Cube Rules. This article gives great tips on living with the ambiguity of a layoff around every corner.

CV’s and Resumes: The Big Mistake Everyone is Making by 6 Figure Career Management. Sital hits this one on the head. Results get you in the door — so shouldn’t you put them on your resume? You are tracking your business results, aren’t you?

Don’t be a snob on career advice is an insightful article from Penelope Trunk about who you should be listening to about your work. And it starts off by suggesting you should listen to the people who hate you. Told you it was insightful, didn’t I?

How category errors make you a less effective conflict resolver by Dr. Tammy Lenski at Conflict Zen show us how we miss the clues that resolve conflicts. We don’t think we can resolve most of our conflicts, but we can. Resolving category errors gets one of the big causes of conflict out of the way.

Enjoy your week.

  • Hey, Scot, thanks for including my post in your list. And thanks, too, for helping me find a new blog to read (Christine’s) as I clicked through to the others on the list. Great resources all. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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