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Each week, I call out good articles from my network and share them with you. Here’s this weeks entries:

Leadership Without a Secret Code: an interview with Drew Gilpin Faust, President of Harvard, on what it takes to be a leader. Leading universities is very different than leading a business or a team, of course. But the insistence on communication and knowing what people attribute to leaders make this an informative and interesting read.

Refuse to Lose: how executive pressure contributes to IT failure. A good look at the ways managerial pressure to complete IT projects results in failed cutovers. Been there, done that. There are good principles in here; in this job market, would anyone push back?

Using your network to find job opportunities. We don’t network enough. Including me. Plus, 21 tips for networking that Sital notes in the comments. For US readers, “redundancies” means “layoffs,” in case you have not seen the term.

Tweet your trysts, not your cysts. Eve takes a hard look a the growing practice of tweeting about medical conditions — giving health insurance companies a perfect gateway to turn you down for pre-existing conditions. Or hiring managers casually sticking your resume in the waste basket.

18 reasons to love lists. Proponents of Getting Things Done know that checklists are great for continually doing routine things right. But most of us don’t apply that to our job or career. Checklist for hosting a meeting. Checklist for determining if the job is still right for us. Checklist for what to have at home and not work for your career. Yes, I love lists…

Any to add? Pop them in the comments!

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