The single most important action to take on your performance review

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Sep 30

We’re coming up to performance review time and Cubicle Warriors know a secret about performance reviews that most employees ignore: your performance review rating is determined before your performance review is even written. That’s because the actual review is given to the employee long after initial ratings are determined, the ratings are compared to the payroll budget for the next year, and negotiations between managers about the ratings are already completed.

Do Cubicle Warriors give up influencing their rating? Nope. Instead, they do the most important action they can to influence their performance review rating: they write an accurate self-assessment presenting their performance review case.

You see, most large companies, as part of their review process, ask employees to write their self-review and turn that into their manager. Since it is usually required, most employees do that. But the content of the review leaves a lot to be desired.

This poor content results in them turning over their performance rating to the whims of what the manager remembers about their performance. Mangers get to walk into calibration sessions with other managers and talk about their perceptions of their employees rather than the facts about their performance.

Yes, great managers will ferret out the facts about their employees. But the truth is that managers have fifty other things to do with their time and fighting for your performance review rating after poor content in the self-review is pretty far down the list.

Writing your self-review is your only window to influence your rating outside of your work performance. Cubicle Warriors take the time and effort to do it right, fighting to get the performance rating they deserve.