The secret to a successful interview

By Scot Herrick | Job Search

Aug 03

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Whether you are preparing to answer interview questions or have already gone through an interview, it is always tough to figure out how well you did. Unless, of course, the hiring manager gives you a job offer on the spot!

Regardless of whether you are hired or not, the secret to a successful interview comes down to how well you show the hiring manager these three characteristics:

You have the skills to do the job

The first consideration is to show the hiring manager that you have the skills to do the job. Did you prove you can run projects? Or that you can do the coding? Or that you have the high-end skills of a nurse? Whatever the job, the first thing that the hiring manager assesses is that you can do the job at hand.

Your resume, web site, and other media can help along the way; most of the time the hiring manager figures you can do the work. But, you need to confirm this through your answers to interview questions.

You are motivated to do the job

So you have the job skills to do the job. But do you want to do the work? What makes the work exciting for you to do? And did you show that to the hiring manager during the interview?

The motivation, passion, or excitement to do the work is critical for the hiring manager to see. Work is tough and if you don’t have something that motivates you behind the work effort, the probability of failure of reaching goals is much higher.

Thus, your answers to interview questions also needs to show why you want to do the work.

You will fit in with the manager and team

Business, we forget, is a social medium. We get things done through people. People who use technology, processes and other tools to get work done, of course. But all of that work is done with other people. Will you fit in with the group? Will you like the manager? Will the manager feel comfortable working with you? Will the team have confidence in your ability?

There is nothing worse than hiring someone who breaks up the harmony and effectiveness of the team. This is far more critical than most people interviewing for positions understand. In fact, the higher you go in an organization, the more important is your ability to fit in with the manageer and team.

In answering your interview questions, did you show how you could fit in with the team and manager?

Yes, the secret to the successful interview is all about just three questions: can you do the job, do you want to do the job, and will you fit in with the manager and team?

If the answer is “yes” to all three questions, you’ve had a successful interview.

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