Your Personal Brand Needs Openness

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Jul 23

A key baseline characteristic to have for your professional brand is openness. While other characteristics, such as delivery of your tasks on time and with quality can overpower other professional traits, your openness will help your personal brand over the long term.

Openness means you have to have enough confidence in your ability to be comfortable in your work to allow others to criticize your work without being defensive. Openness means a willingness to integrate your work with others so a better overall work product is produced. Openness means advocating for what is right, not just what is expedient.

Openness is hard work.

A great way to start working on your openness at work is offered by Scott Ginsberg in Nine Ways to Leave a Legacy of Openness.

It’s a great list and a perfect method for building openness in your professional work.